Monday, August 5, 2019

Direct Sellers: 7 Tips for A Successful Fall - Starting NOW!

As most of us are enjoying sunny days, it is not too early to be making our fall plans. One of the philosophies I coach on is that growing our business is like planting a garden….the seeds we plant now will be ready for harvest in 6 weeks. So, the actions we do now, will be the actions we are reaping from in September and October.

There are many actions we can do now that will build our businesses into the fall and even holiday season. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  1. Connect with all the “summer friends” you meet and be sure to have their contact information and add them to your emailing list. You can also add them to your “friends” on Facebook and be sure they LIKE your business page.
  2. Think back to school — friends with children may be looking for extra income for the back to school supplies or a part-time job for when the children are in school so be prepared to talk about the opportunity.
  3. Back to school is also a time for fundraisers. NOW is the time to start making the connections to see who is in charge of various programs and be able to provide how your opportunity may be a perfect fit. (If you are too late this year, be sure to get connect information for a spring fundraiser or even next year's event.)
  4. Yes…some people are already thinking Christmas and holiday shopping.  Again, your business opportunity may be what a friend or customer needs to enjoy a credit card free holiday.
  5. New fall catalogs are wonderful reservicing tools. Connect with all of your customers and be sure they know about your new products. Start booking September and October parties now.
  6. Fall and holiday events will start their search for vendors. Check out local events and see which ones are a fit for your product and opportunity.  Not every event is a fit. Choose the ones that will benefit you, your team and your business. (Watch for events posted on Facebook and even on Craigslist. Local Chambers of Commerce and Networking groups are a great source for event information as well.)
  7. Stay focused and do small, consistent actions every day!
Remember, it is easier to keep a rolling stone rolling than to start the motion over every day.  Choose just one or two actions to focus on at a time and complete that action before moving on to a new one.  With planning your fall, the follow-through is just as important as the getting started!  Happy harvest!

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Marian (Brown) Smith is Director of Sales Development with a DSA member Direct Selling Company. She has over 20 years in the direct selling industry both in the field and corporately. She is also a Certified Vision Board and Life Coach.

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