Thursday, November 10, 2016

Explore More with TED Talks - Van Gogh and Mathematics

Learning should never stop! Keeping your mind active and open are key to overcoming fears, uncertainty, and self-doubt. One way I have found to learn and be exposed to a variety of ideas is to listen to one or two TED Talks a week.

These videos, found on YouTube and TED Talks channel online, cover a variety of topics including business, knowledge, philosophy and humor. There is a wide selection that are 5 minutes or less!

I randomly select topics as well as look for videos on items that interest me currently or intrigue me to want to explore more.

As  a non-artist, I love visiting museums and art galleries. These experiences are invaluable. I visited the Seattle Art Museum’s “The Impressionists” and was once again captivated by Van Gogh. There are several of his paintings that are my favorites but I have always felt an attraction to “Starry Night” .

Recently I came across this excellent TED Talk Video that shows how Van Gogh’s art, during his struggling times, depicts the complicated mathematical explanation of turbulence. I hope you find it as interesting and intriguing as I did!

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