Friday, January 29, 2016

Vision Boards In the News

This week has already been a great week for positive online coverage of vision boards and their importance in goal setting and planning your future.  To make this coverage even better was the mention of The Vision Board book in one post and the second post being in Huffington Post, a mainstream online source.

Associate Editor Margarita Tartakovsky,, covered the aspect of visioning which many articles about vision boards neglect.  She also outlined the 5-Step formula author Joyce Schwarz presents in The Vision Board book.

For those who have attended my workshops or trainings, you may recognize the “mini board” exercise.  Visioning — getting in touch with your inner feeling or “heart’s desire” — is an important step in creating a successful vision board.  Paging through magazines quickly and pulling out the pages of images or headlines is a great way to get in touch with your deeper motivations in life.

Katy Hanley, Huffington Post
The second mention this week was by Kate Hanley, on the Huffington Post.  It was an excellent overview of why vision boards are important in seeing life goals versus just listing them with paper and pen.  I especially loved how she included having the physical presence of the board was important — don’t keep it online!

Hanley states “Putting together a vision board can crystallize the goals you’re already aware of and tease out the ones that are still in a formative state.”  I think she has summed up the visioning process of vision board making!

As a Certified Vision Board Coach, I am encouraged by the positive press and media coverage has been receiving over the past few years. Vision boards can be an important tool in achieving success in both life and business.

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