Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Direct Sales: 5 Inner "Whys" People Join Your Team

Direct Selling is unique in that it does offer something for everybody – purchase great products, host a party or choose a career. It offers a unique opportunity for earning income and personal satisfaction. Not everyone will join your business for the money. There are five key reasons women (and men) join direct selling companies. These  needs are based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
As you talk with a prospective consultant, ask questions to find which reason – or need – your opportunity will fulfill and help the prospect learn how it can benefit her.
The Five “Inner Whys”:
1.        Basic Needs
Are they looking to fulfill a basic financial need? Make a payment? Having month left at the end of the money?  How will the extra income make them  feel when their basic needs are met?  
·         Focus on retail profit
2.       Financial Needs
Are they looking “longer term” to pay off debt? Save for college or a new car? Maybe a bigger house? Are they looking for financial security?
·         Share the profit as well as team building and leadership option.
3.        Social Needs
Do they want to talk to someone over three-feet tall? Do they want to talk to someone who is in the same room and doesn’t TEXT the answer back? Are they starting a new phase in life?  Do they love meeting new people? Do they love organizing events? Do they love making people smile?
·       Party time! Social butterflies love the party potential. They also may enjoy team meetings, trips and conferences.
4.        Recognition Needs
Are they in a “dead-end” job?  Not appreciated for the work they do?  Do they have untapped potential? Do they want to be recognized for special talents and abilities?
·       Share the pins, certificates and newsletter recognition they will receive. They also received recognition in title advancements, speaking and training at local meetings and calls.
5.        High Achiever
      • Are they a high achiever and want to go higher?  Did they reach a glass ceiling and want MORE? Are they hungry to learn, to teach, to lead others?  Do they love the podium?  Do they want inner self-satisfaction for doing the best they can every time?  Share the compensation plan and how to move into leadership. They also love a challenge – special bonuses and rewards.
By understanding the basic needs and "WHY's" people join a direct sales company, we can focus on how our opportunity will best fulfill those needs. 


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